Dress & Lingerie Rentals

Have a client session or styled shoot coming up, and need wardrobe? For a one-time use, it's rarely worthwhile to purchase a dress or lingerie garment to use for just 1 session, but it makes our jobs so much easier to still retain some control over our clients' wardrobe.

We have an extensive inventory full of one-of-a-kind, vintage garments that are perfect for bridal, boudoir, maternity, or really any other reason to be dressed!

Here's how it works:

1. Browse through our inventory, and decide which garment(s) you would like to borrow.
2. Add the desired garment(s) to your cart.
3. Fill in the form & purchase information. Be absolutely certain that you specify which dates you would like to have the garment(s). We will ship the garment(s) to you with enough time to make your deadline, so long as you give us at least 5 business days' notice.
4. In the title of the garment, you will see the rental price. Underneath the title, you will see the garment value. Once you have completed the purchase information, your card will be charged with the full value of the garment(s), as well as any applicable taxes or shipping fees (if not being locally picked up).
5. Wear/photograph the beautiful garment, taking necessary care to not damage the garment.
6. Return the garment either in-person, or by mail within 5 business days of the start date of your rental. The garment will be inspected for irreparable damage and/or excessive soiling, and if it is deemed to be in an acceptable condition (no holes or permanent stains), the difference between the garment value and the rental price will be refunded onto the card you used to pay.
7. If the garment is returned with new holes, damaged, stained, or soiled, we will not refund the difference between the value and rental price, and ship the garment back to the shipping address on file for the renter.

Note: We are very reasonable when it comes to judging returned garments.