Barcelona. So much love for this busy city!

I will be honest. Out of all of our destinations, I was least excited for Barcelona. Probably due to my experiences with large, tourist-y cities in the past. I was very mistaken! Barcelona is such a trendy, lively, FUN city to be in. Sure, it has a lot of tourists, and if you eat within half a mile of the Rambla, you will be paying astronomical prices, but there was just so much to see and do here!

We spent quite a bit of time in Barcelona. We stayed our first night in a lovely flat right next to the Cathedral and had the whole day ahead of us to explore and learn about the Northeastern Spanish culture. We found the most perfect boutique, L'Arca, that had so many vintage and vintage-inspired wedding dresses, evening gowns, accessories, ribbons, etc. It was like my heart whispered sweet nothings into 700 square feet of perfection. I will always go back to L'Arca. After that first bout of exploring, I fell asleep very early from jet lag, but I looked forward to coming back to Barcelona the rest of the trip!

After exploring the previous parts (See parts 1-3), we came back. We saw the empty, quiet streets until 10 am, heard the bustle and laughter and life until 2 am, and the entire time I felt completely safe. I was a little nervous being in such a foreign place where I don't speak any of their languages, but the entire time I felt welcome, secure, and delighted! All of the architecture is very classic, and the streets small and intimate.

On an ending note, I should add that the shopping in Barcelona is amazing. If you want something cute to wear to anything, just take a quick day trip to Barcelona. Worth. Every. Penny.