Hello Loves!

It's Thursday again, and that means that it's time to re-live & recount my time in the beautiful Spain. I love sharing these images with all of you, because it helps me to remember and appreciate how so very blessed I am to be able to have these experiences, and to have friends to share those memories with!

These images are from my very favorite day. It was a day full of spontaneity and adventure! This was definitely the coolest place we stayed throughout our whole trip to Spain. It was a 4-bedroom mansion, frozen in time with archaic artifacts, beautiful paintings, and even a creepy wine cellar! A huge library with many ancient books, a roomy salon perfect for visiting and entertaining guests, and a cozy terrace to enjoy a hearty breakfast.

We started the day climbing many steps and hills in Balaguer to see the gorgeous churches at the top of the city, and we were not disappointed! There is such incredible detail in all of the walls, windows, floors, pews, really everything. I love to go into such lovely, holy places, as I can feel a strong Spirit wash over me, giving comfort and peace for the rest of my day.

Just behind the first church, we found a field full of poppies and other wild flowers, with a perfect view of the mountains far off in the background. It was just too perfect, so Natalie was sweet enough to take some photos of me up there, where my heart sings in awe!

After walking around the rest of the city, it was still very early in the afternoon when we felt we had seen everything that Balaguer had to offer, so we ended up grabbing lunch and hopping on a train the the next town over on a whim, to make the most of our time there. In Lleida, we saw another beautiful building towering over the whole city, and we knew that we had to see it! We went up a very creaky elevator, and across a bridge that was not the most sturdy, made with wooden planks that you could see the ground through. Natalie had to hold my hand as we crossed (insert embarrassed, crying, laughing emoji here). The trip over was so worth it! We found out that the building was actually an old castle, La Seu Vella. Of course, we went on a Monday, which is the only day it is closed, but that didn't stop us from admiring the insane beauty of the outside!

The medieval nature of the inland part of northern spain had me intrigued the entire time. So much character and history to be learned, it was truly an unforgettable experience.