I can't believe it's Thursday already! Ever since I got back from my trip, my life has been one nonstop party! And by party, I mean very busy days packed with 30 hours of things to do with only 24 to do them!!

Today's installment of my recap of Spain features another little town, Monistrol, and the mammoth mountain Montserrat! There were lots of cats all over Spain, and every time I saw one I would try to get a photo, because they are all so cute! Plus look at that grey one, HE IS SO FLUFFY. Monistrol was very difficult to navigate with our suitcases! Lots of hills, steep short cuts, and rough roads, but we made it through without missing any trains or buses. When we got in, we immediately made our way to the tram that goes up to Montserrat (ain't no way we were gonna hike up that mountain). I was a little bit surprised to see how tourist-y it was, and I'm sure it didn't help that it was a Sunday, but even with all of the people around, it had a serene, quietness of it. Like the mountain was whispering its secrets to those who listened hard enough.

The only options for food up there were a couple of cafeterias, and a very very expensive sit down restaurant (with no patrons). We ended up getting sandwiches and a coke at the cafeteria, and then agreed on a time to meet back up before heading back to explore the city!

The first thing I did was walk up a small path up the side of the mountain, with many tributes to all sorts of Catholic Saints. It was truly beautiful to see the artwork, and the bouquets left at their feet as a token of love. I included many nature shots because it was absolutely incredible up there! Nothing like anything I've ever seen here in the states. I felt like I could easily get lost in the forest, and not even care. It was a great adventure.

Once I was done with my Saints walk, I walked all around, seeing the fortress, the cathedral, and all their many lookouts to the breathtaking view of the valleys. I found myself on another Saints walk, only this one didn't seem to have an end! I walked for about a mile, then decided that I wanted to make it back in time to sleep in a real bed, so turned back around to just hang out in the city until meeting time!

Back in the city, I walked around the gift shops and found a neat little plum marmalade for Jaron and me to try when I got back home (still haven't tried it!!) and of course a croissant, because that's pretty much all I ate while I was there. After that, we made our way back to our bed & breakfast, and ended a beautiful day full of nature and adventure.