Hello, friends!

Pardon our silence over the last few weeks, we have been gearing up for me (Hannah) to travel to Spain with another lovely, talented photographer for a couple of weeks! Well those weeks have come and gone, and now all I have left are my wonderful memories, and all the many pictures I took there!

We flew into Barcelona and spent a beautiful first day there in the Gothic Quarter, but my first post will actually be highlighting the quaint charm of Cadaques, Spain. It is a cute little town on the Meditterannean coast about 3 hours Northeast of Barcelona. They don't speak English much, and they barely speak Spanish! This part of Spain has their own language: Catalan (imagine my surprise when I thought I might be OK with at least reading Spanish, coming from Arizona). I learned a few things here: 1) my knowledge of French was actually somewhat helpful, 2) It is very cold by the beach, especially since I didn't pack anything very warm, and 3) Bring better walking shoes next time! Those cobblestone streets on the side of a hill are NO JOKE. If you decide to go here, please learn from my lessons :) Overall, it is a beautiful town with lots of Bougainvillea growing like a vine, yummy restaurants all over, and wonderful little shops where you can find lots of goodies, like music boxes and super cute and warm wool sweaters! (Can you tell what I got?) My favorite part of our whole stay was taking a nap on the beach, it was the best!!

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph a styled elopement shoot in these gorgeous streets, and I promise you will see those soon! For now, though, here are my vacation pictures of the lovely sunrises and sunsets, and the little in-betweens <3