Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today, we are sharing our most recent love story, those of our dear friends Daniel & Tiffany.

It was the perfect day for a wedding. The weather was unusually fair compared to what we have been getting in this crazy desert, no threats of rain, and gorgeous Arizona light.

Tiffany and Daniel hadn't seen each other in a few days already, and we helped push things around to ensure that they did not see each other until the ceremony, because it was sure to be an emotional time! The nerves we saw from back when Daniel proposed were a great indicator of what was to come.

Tiffany got ready at her parents' home in Tucson, while Daniel and the guys hung out at their hotel just down the street, goofing off and doing what they do best. When Daniel arrived at the house, it was certainly tricky ensuring they didn't see each other, and it even came down to him having to walk through rooms with his eyes closed and arms stretched out in front of him to avoid any sight of his beautiful bride-to-be.

Tiffany had spent all morning preparing the backyard, decorating it to perfection. Her elegant style, and trendy tastes shone through in every place setting. Every detail placed with the utmost purpose, and every prop with a significance behind it.

Guests started to arrive, and they knew it was almost time. The whole bridal party went inside and waited to hear their cue song, while Daniel and Tim, their officiant, made their way to the arch. Two-by-two they walked down the aisle (with the exception of Jaron, who went partnerless, but he made sure to hold his own hand on the way down), and the anticipation grew greater and greater with each passing second.

To prepare for the greatest moment, when Daniel could finally see his bride, he kept his eyes tight shut until he knew she would be there. As soon as he opened them, he saw her. Those three years they had spent together dancing around in his mind, all leading up to this one moment. The moment where they are united together before God and their loved ones. The moment where she became his wife. Of course he swears his allergies were just really bad at that moment, but those looking on could see his eyes well up and the most loving, and caring smile spread across his face. This is it.

The ceremony itself was very sweet, watching the two of them up at the altar, giddy and smiling the entire time. At the end of the ceremony, Tiffany's sister led the congregation in a song of worship. It was a very touching moment, so much so that if you looked very closely, you could see a single tear run down Tiffany's cheek, as she closed her eyes to sing.

This is why we love weddings. They bring together so much joy and happiness. We firmly believe that you will seldom find more love in one place than at a wedding. We were so happy to celebrate with the Reasners, and we are proud to say that we have seen their love story blossom from the very beginning <3