This wedding was one of the most special weddings in our career thus far. Kierna and Chris have such beautiful souls that connect in a way that we have never seen before, and it is contagious and inspiring. There are so many that adore them, and most of their setup was by friends & family, only hiring a select few actual vendors for their day.

Kierna made her dress entirely by hand, beading and all. She had a vision of elegance for the ceremony with the large tulle skirt, and then ease and comfort for the reception with her flowy hand-dyed skirt. She also made each bridesmaid dress for all of her girls, the moon photo booth was created by her cousin, the cake by her maid of honor, the door they walked through after their ceremony by the groom's parents, and all decorating was done by her family's loving hands. They then chose a cozy corner of the grove to have their ceremony in the round, with her father officiating. Everything about their wedding was proof that they are so dearly loved by many.

All throughout the ceremony, all that was heard was their heartfully written vows, and sniffles from every attendee. It was a heavy ceremony, filled with love, hope, and devotion to each other.

One special moment that truly stuck out was her maid of honor's speech during the reception. She chose to read a passage from Alice in Wonderland as words of encouragement to her childhood friend, and for their future little Alice. SO. MANY. TEARS. At the end of the reception, they released eco-friendly helium lanterns with their wishes for each other, for the future, and for their loved ones written on them.

The entire day was absolute magic.