This is Tracy and Brandon, and this is the story of their engagement!

I have known Tracy for years, since we lived in Idaho. She worked in the Bridal department, while I was in the home store of Macy's. We were fast friends (how could you not be, seriously she is the cutest) so it was only a matter of time before I got to meet Brandon!

Well, we moved to Arizona, but we stayed in touch for a while. This last August, I got to thinking about them, and how they have been together FOREVER and that there was no way Brandon wouldn't be proposing to her soon, so I decided to reach out and offer to help in the event he decided to plan such an occasion. And it turned out to be perfect timing. He was planning to ask her on her birthday, 3 weeks away!

We came up with a few plans, but there was something not quite right about all of them, until we decided that it would be so fun to have me come up there, surprise her with a photo shoot for her birthday, and then have the REAL surprise come at the end!

It was so difficult keeping my business to myself, driving all the way up to Idaho with just enough time to sleep and prepare for one PERFECT day. I'll admit it, I had butterflies while I waited in the trees for the blindfolded Tracy and her soon-to-be fiance. The plan was to lead her to where I was waiting, hiding in the trees, to surprise her with me (I'm a great catch, you guys), and with a photoshoot she has been saying she wanted for her birthday! We pranced around this beautiful park in Boise, sad about all of the wild fires happening around us, but also finding the silver lining in the fact that a red smoke cloud covered the sun precisely when we began shooting, casting a golden hour-esque diffused glow 3 hours before sunset. Quite serendipitous, as the cloud dispersed as soon as we finished!

We made it to the spot that I chose for "the event" to happen, and I could tell Brandon was getting nervous. I had them dance a little bit, and then the plan was to have him pull her into a hug, whisper something into her ear, separate, and kneal. Well, when it came down to the separating, he put her into a spin again, so I gave him a little nudge, letting Tracy know that there was another birthday surprise. And then the magic happened.

Seriously, look at her adorable face! She had such grace and poise as she said "Yes!" to her best friend. It was a wonderful start to a new chapter in their lives that I am so grateful I was a part of! They deserve a happily ever after.