We know, two vacation posts in a row, but we actually shot some film almost 2 years ago when we went to California to shoot a wedding and take a mini second honeymoon. Fun fact: every time we go on any sort of getaway before we have children, we call it a second honeymoon!

It was a great week, we started it shooting our first out of state wedding (and the first wedding that we ever shot together!), then we attempted the NorCal forests to get to the coast (which is where the majority of these were taken). It was forecasted to rain the whole time we were supposed to be there, so we decided to head to Salt Lake City early for our next wedding the weekend after. We canceled our hotel reservation, and drove all night to get to SLC! We found an INCREDIBLE deal on a King Suite for a couple nights instead!

Northern California is an absolutely stunning place, and we always dream about booking another wedding there to go back, so if you or someone you know is getting married up there, we service all of California without travel fees ;)

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