We finally sent in our film from Romania, and just got the scans back yesterday!!

This was the first time we shot "professional" grade film, and it was exhilarating! The anticipation is killer, waiting for that zip folder to download, but oh man is it worth it!


During our 2 week trip (not NEARLY long enough) we went all throughout Romania, seeing the sights, eating delicious food, and visiting family that Hannah hadn't ever met, or at least seen in a very very long time. We saw all the tourist attractions like the Bran castle, a  few choice fortresses, and of course the burial site of Vlad Tepes (real-life Dracula).

One of our favorite memories came from that burial site. We were in the tiny little chapel with 2 rooms, when a large religious group came into the room with the burial site, and started singing "Nearer, My God, To Thee" in another language. It was so heart-warming, because this is Hannah's absolute favorite hymn. We had it played on an acoustic guitar during our ring ceremony while she walked down the aisle. We wish we could have recorded it, but we know we will have that beautiful memory forever in our hearts.

We also visited Cluj-Napoca, which is this super trendy college town, with lots of SUPERCLOSETOGETHER buildings, cobble streets, and their entire wiring system overhead instead of underground. Everything is walking distance, and they even had a pretty decent night life. While we were there, we got our pictures taken by Land of White Deer (click the link to see their blog post from our session!), and we absolutely LOVE them!

On our way back to the capital, we stopped to hike the most challenging hike we have ever been on (think 45 degree angle climbing a ladder of a mountain half way), but it was incredibly beautiful, and totally worth the periodic thoughts of misery! It was where my father used to spend all of his weekends when he was growing up, in the little shack at the top of the mountain built for climbers.

The best part of the whole trip though, was seeing Hannah's grandparents. They are such graceful people, living a humble life of love and friendship with each other. Our only regret was not learning Romanian beforehand.

Overall, it was an amazing experience that we will never forget, and we were so happy to have this filed with our many adventures together, past and future!

The pictures are in no order, some taken on our hike, some at castles, fortresses, museums, and parks.