Two posts in one day!

We considered waiting until tomorrow for this one, but we just can't wait any more than we have to!!!

Yesterday, we put together another gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking, (insert awesome adjective here) styled Woodland wedding shoot, and that alone was spectacular. But it goes further, two of our very best friends (who just so happened to be models in the shoot) hit a milestone!

We were in Flagstaff creating art, freezing our butts off. At the very end of the shoot, Hannah asked Tiffany for her ring she was wearing to do some ring shots, and Jaron told them to stand back to back for a "mock first look". We took some time positioning them, trying to milk the moment as best we could. We had Daniel get into position, and then we asked Tiffany to turn around. With nerves in his voice, he simply asked "Wanna get married?" and after a few seconds of good, hearty, surprised laughter, she said YES!

We will post more from the shoot itself (of course), but for today, we just want to share the happiness and love from this perfect moment between Daniel and Tiffany!