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Sean and Jesika are finally MARRIED!! If you followed our blog before the Big Rebrand (this will forever be considered a holiday in our household from now on), then you saw their whole engagement process. Their proposal, engagements, and now their WEDDING!!

The day was especially near and dear to Jaron and me because Sean has been one of my REALLY great friends since before I even met Jaron, 6 years ago! He has always been such a nice, thoughtful guy, and I always knew that the lady he ended up with would be showered in affection. Which Jesika absolutely is, and always will be! How many people can say that they were serenaded (and done well) at their wedding?

We loved hanging out with them and their friends in Sean's Grandmother's backyard, catching up with old friends we hadn't seen since I was in high school, admiring the giddy love between these perfect souls. And now, we are ecstatic to share their lovely wedding day with you all!