Celebrating your Legacy


Marriage is one of the hardest, most rewarding things we have accomplished in our lives thus far. We know it is a conscious choice every day to choose kindness, love, support, and generosity to your forever friend. We know that some days are easier than others.

And for that we applaud you. Your strength, courage, and commitment to each other is something to be celebrated! You deserve time together to remember how and why you fell in love in the first place.

During our Anniversary sessions, we make you hug and kiss. A lot. We give you an excuse to gussy up and go out on the town. We show you that it is okay, healthy even, to continue to invest in documenting your memories together. Even after kids, and careers, and big moves, it is nice to take the time to pour back into your marriage.

Never stop dating your spouse. Never stop exciting her with flowers. Never stop giving him head scratches. It's these things in each of our relationships that show your dedication to each other. Just because you "got" each other, doesn't mean you should stop courting one another.

You made a sacred vow, and we intend to make you glad you kept it. Inquire today about your own celebration with us.